H2M SHIPPING SERVICES is an India’s leading Maritime Education provider located in the heart of LUKCNOW, India and is gradually emerging as a world leader. We aim at providing quality services to mariners, merchant navy aspirants, ship management companies and ship owners with transparency, commitment and perfection as core values. We are marine consultant responsible for selecting suitable candidates for various marine courses in compliance with D.G. Shipping (Ministry of Shipping) govt. of India, with exposure, counselling, pre-induction training/courses.

Merchant Navy Not Only Career, a way of living, adventurous life, Ruling the ocean.

As a youngster, if you are dreaming to join merchant navy, here are few reasons to consider merchant navy as a career:   

•    It makes you responsible at an early age
•    Extended Vacations
•    Lucrative Pay-Packages
•    Tax Benefits
•    Opportunity to interact with different people and culture from different countries
•    This career promises fast growth
•    There is job security with choice of working period
•    Accommodation facility on ship and no expenses for lodging.
•    Exceptional earning potential
•    Opportunity to see the world


h2m shipping services is one stop solution for your complete maritime need, from Counselling to Sponsorship to Training to Recruitment. The company is pioneered operated by professionals having vast experience in marine sector. 



Before joining here, I was not even able to introduce myself in front of anyone due to lack of confidence. Being a part of  H2M SHIPPING SERVICES. I feel blessed. The training program has molded my personality and clarified my vision of the future. The entire faculty and other members of this institution are very cooperative. I am and will always be thankful to H2M SHIPPING SERVICES  for making me a person I am today and giving opportunity to achieve my goals.

Saurabh Singh From Uttar Pradesh

When I joined the ship I have faced a lot of problems related to food. weather, other crew and working hours, but thinking about my family financial condition and how much they have sacrificed to send me in merchant navy, I decided not to quit. I believe that this career is a perfect Text end of joy and hardships. You meet different people, you interact with them, you learn about their cultures and grow as a person.

-Sanket Jadhav

I started my career in Merchant Navy as Ordinary Seaman with $250 pm in 2015 and now I became 2nd Officer and taking $3500 pm. The path was not so easy to achieve but if we want to achieve something we need to work hard for it this is what I learnt in h2mshippingservices. I will be always thankful to h2mshippingservices for helping in the initial stage of my career and giving me opportunity to prove myself.

-Ajay Kumar R. From Karnataka